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TRICO Wiper Blades offer Rebates

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. August 30, 2012 – Trico Products today announced the TRICO® EX Factor fall wiper blade promotion, which offers mail-in rebates of up to $10 for consumers who purchase a pair of qualifying TRICO wiper blades.

Any purchase of a pair of TRICO Exact Fit®, Teflon®  SHIELD®, TRICO Flex®, TRICO NeoForm® or TRICO Force® wiper blades or one TRICO Exact Fit rear blade between September 1 – November 16 will be eligible for a mail-in-rebate. Discounts vary according to wiper program.

“This year we expanded the products that are eligible for the rebate to provide our customers great savings and more choices,” said Kevin O’Dowd, global director of marketing, corporate branding and strategy. “Drivers will be able to experience top quality performance of TRICO wiper blades and save money at the same time.”

For drivers looking for the latest in wiper technology, TRICO offers a variety of premium blades that employ first-in-industry advancements to improve driving safety. Customers can now experience controlled air flow and maximum visibility in all weather conditions with robustly engineered beam and hybrid blades.

Consumers can find rebate forms in stores on displays at participating retailers or visit for online registration and official promotion rules and regulations.

Scosche CellControl

Powered by Cell Control, a Bluetooth device can be installed in your vehicle to stop you from making unsafe cell calls! “What next,” you are probably asking yourself. This nifty little gadget will disable the use of  text, email, phone, apps and more. This safe driving system features wireless Bluetooth technology and Cellcontrol software which automatically disables the use of text, phone, email and any other distracting applications while you are driving.

Parts include a trigger and user guide to put it in place. The supporting operating systems that work with the Scosche device is Android version 2.1 and above, BlackBerry version 4,5 and above,  Windows Mobile 5,6, Symbian S60, 3rd edition and SelectBrew and Brew MP. Unfortunately, the device is not compatible with Apple IOS/phone or Windows Phone 7.

The device works on 1996 and newer vehicles and plugs into your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. The Trigger unit then reads the data from this port and sends a Bluetooth signal to your phone when the vehicle is moving. Before installing the Trigger, you must install the Scosche cellcontrol app by downloading and installing it on your phone. After the application is installed, Cellcontrol runs in the background and does not have a screen presence (unless it is blocking calls while driving).  Account activation veries somewhat with Android and BlackBerry.

Scosche offers tech support (1-800-621-3695, ext. 3) if  you encounter any problems. For more information, or how to order the Cellcontrol trigger unit, call 1-80-621-3695, ext. 3, or go to


Car adds “Build Your Car” App

*Another feature added to website is its new Build Your Car App. Visitors to the site can quickly build, price and share a new model car with options and witness the price change immediately as they spec it out. The new Build Your Car App also includes professional buying advice by the same car experts who write the test vehicle reviews for

New Products…June 2011

*For those consumers looking to make some changes/improvements in their present set of wheels, NADA offers the following:

Downsizing from a full-size SUV but with the advantages of space and features, there are a few fuel-efficient crossovers on the market that might fit the bill: 2011 Kia Sorento 2WD, 4-dr, I4 LX (25 mpg, $22,595); 2011 Nissan Rogue, FWD, 4-dr. S (25 mpg., $21,210); and 2011 Scion xB 5-dr., Wgn Man (25 mpg., $16,000).

VANs for utility and convenience: 2011 Ford TransitConnect XL (23 mpg., $21,200); 2011 Honda Odyssey 5-dr. Touring (23 mpg., $40,755).

Wagons are a great alternative to the crossover vehicle for those who still need space: 2-11 VW Jetta Sportwagen, 4-dr, DSG TDI (35 mpg., $26,095); 2011 Ford Fiesta 4-dr, HB SE (32 mpg., $15,520).

Sedans: Still the leading vehicle category of choice, sedans are plentiful, offering a lot of seating, trunk space and the most diversity: 2011 Audi A3, 4-dr,S Tronic FrontTrak 2.0 TDI Premium (35 mpg., $30,250); 2011 VW Golf 4-dr, HB Manual TDI (35 mpg., $23,885); 2011 VW Jetta Sedan 4-dr., Manual TDI LE (35 mpg., $22,095).

Luxury: Offering performance, style and comfort, you can’t beat the luxury boats for amenities: 2011 Audi A3 4-dr., HB S Tronic FrontTrak 2.0 TDI Premium (35 mpg., $30,250); 2011 BMW 3 Series 4-dr Sdn 335d RWD (29 mpg., $44,150).

Coupe: Great on the road or around town, the Coupe is smaller than a sedan and offers a little bit better fuel economy: 2011 Honda CR-Z 3-dr, CVT (37 mpg., $19,995); 2011 Smart fortwo 2-dr Cpe Pure (37 mpg., $12,490).

Sports Cars: Although not too practical, lots of fun to drive: 2011 Smart fortwo 2-dr., Cabriolet Passion (37 mpg., $17,690); 2011 Audi A3 r-dr., HB S tronic FrontTrak 2.0 TDI Premium Plus (35 mpg., $30,250); 2011 VW Jetta SportWagon 4-dr, DSG TDI (35 mpg., $26,095).

SUV: 2011 Kia Soul 5-dr., Wagn Man (28 mpg., $13,300); 2011 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport 2W 4-dr., CVT ES (28 mpg., $19,495).

Truck: Need to haul, tow or work? 2011 Ford Ranger 2WD Reg Cab 112″ XL (24 mpg., $18,050); 2011 Toyota Tacoma 2WD Reg I4 MT (23 mpg., $16,365).

Hybrid: 2011 Toyota Prius 5-dr., HB I (50 mpg., $21,650); 2011 Nissan Leaf 4-dr., HB SV (47 mpg., $32,780).

*Eagle One. New product from Eagle One: Superior Nanowax. Spray on, wipe off, this wax is easy to use. No buffing, haze, white residue or discoloring of trim, Nanowax provides a radiant shine. A patented carnauba based formula, Nanowax will give your ride a beautiful shine and water beading, as well as long-lasting protection. Nanowax even fills in scratches and swirl marks and lasts six months with conditioners, UV protectors and penetration of paint surfaces. Suggested retail $6.49 for a 23 oz. bottle. Find it in your favorite auto supply store, or go to

*At last a new product to help restore those yellowing plastic lenses on the headlights. 3M has come out with a headlight lens restoration system that’s easy to use and more effective than the liquid cleaner you buy in the auto parts store. I’ve used the liquid cleaner-with a consistency much like a liquid wax-but it hasn’t made as much of an impact as I expected. Recently I had an opportunity to try the new 3M restoration kit and it has made a difference on the front headlight lens of my 1999 Mazda Miata. You simply attach your standard household drill (1200-1600 rpm), to the disc pad holder, tape around the headlight lens and keep a spray bottle of water near by. The kit includes one disc pad holder, 6 3M sanding discs, 4 3M finishing discs,  3M Trizact disc, 1 3M headlight lens polish/3M rubbing compound and 1 buffing bad. Step by step directions are included. Just like the pros, the DIYer will be able to restore the cloudy and dull headlight lenses, as well as buff out scratches on your ride. This handy new toy is so great, I’m passing it along to my carbuff brother to try out! For more information and an instructional video, go to

*CarMD (June 2010). The top five most common reasons for breakdowns on the road (according to ASE) include evaporative leak, engine hesitation or surge, overheating, flat tire/blow out, and no start. With CarMD ($98.99), drivers can finally get a little peace of mind before making that road trip by plugging the CarMD handheld device into your car’s computer. All 1996 and newer vehicles in the U.S. (foreign and domestic) are equipped with a computer that triggers a “check engine” light when one of the car’s systems is not running correctly. A diagnostic trouble code is set when a problem occurs, and CarMD catches these hidden prpoblems. Just plug the device into a port (often found right under the steering column), and a report will be run. CarMD provides a “fix,” including information about parts, costs by zip code, safety recalls and technical service bulletins. For more information or to purchase a CarMD, go to

*ASafeDrive (March 2010). A Safe Drive has developed a unique iPhone driver safety application, available within the Apple App Store, iTunes or on their website, Priced at $.99, the new app is driving GPS technology by eliminating unnecessary speeding tickets, as well as reducing accidents related to speeding. Updated daily with new speed limits, the iPhone app includes a viewable map screen that will tell the driver how fast a vehicle is moving in relation to the current speed limit.  

*LifeBelt. A new seat-belt management system is on the market, its goal: To remind drivers and passengers to wear their seat belt. The vehicle’s engine will not start if driver and passengers are not buckled up. And, if someone unbuckles while the car is in motion, the radio will shut off and an alarm will sound! For more information, go