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Ford Ecoboost 2011

Ford Expands its Range of Vehicles

Susan Frissell

Rochester, MI. In and around Ford’s proving ground we sampled the relatively new to Ford engines Ecoboost I4. A greener alternative to the V6 engines in the 2012 Ford Edge (30 mpg) and 2012 Ford Explorer (28 mpg.), the Ecoboost 4-cylinder offers 240 horsepower and 270 lb.-ft.torque. Driving this I4 is deceiving as it provides plenty of needed pep to power these SUV’s.

The Ford Ecoboost engine boasts a 40 percent improvement in fuel economy, while also assuring Ford honors its four pillars: Quality-Green-Safe-Smart. From a green perspective, the Ecoboost I4 offers “best-in-class” fuel efficiency (along with Ford models Fiesta and Fusion Hybrid), offering better than 30 miles per gallon.

Ford introduced the Ecoboost technology in the Explorer America Concept at the NAIA auto show in 2008. The features direct injection-fuel is injected into each cylinder of an engine in small,precise amounts. Different from the conventional port injection, direct injection produces a cooler, denser charge while delivering better fuel economy and performance.