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TRICO Wiper Blades offer Rebates

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. August 30, 2012 – Trico Products today announced the TRICO® EX Factor fall wiper blade promotion, which offers mail-in rebates of up to $10 for consumers who purchase a pair of qualifying TRICO wiper blades.

Any purchase of a pair of TRICO Exact Fit®, Teflon®  SHIELD®, TRICO Flex®, TRICO NeoForm® or TRICO Force® wiper blades or one TRICO Exact Fit rear blade between September 1 – November 16 will be eligible for a mail-in-rebate. Discounts vary according to wiper program.

“This year we expanded the products that are eligible for the rebate to provide our customers great savings and more choices,” said Kevin O’Dowd, global director of marketing, corporate branding and strategy. “Drivers will be able to experience top quality performance of TRICO wiper blades and save money at the same time.”

For drivers looking for the latest in wiper technology, TRICO offers a variety of premium blades that employ first-in-industry advancements to improve driving safety. Customers can now experience controlled air flow and maximum visibility in all weather conditions with robustly engineered beam and hybrid blades.

Consumers can find rebate forms in stores on displays at participating retailers or visit for online registration and official promotion rules and regulations.

A new website was recently launched called, a free driving test prep website. The site provides free practice questions to pass your car, motorcycle, truck and bus written theory tests for each state, as well as 10 other countries, including the UK, Canada and Australia. Further, our “US DMV Driving Tests” app for Apple and Android platforms contains 31,300+ state-specific, vehicle type-specific rules and signs questions – it is the most comprehensive app you could ask for! Our free Canadian and Australian apps are ranked #2 and #19 for Android in the Education category in the respective countries. We are experiencing hockey stick-type growth because of the value users receive! Check out our Android app below for stats.

Below are links to the app: Apple – Android –

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Watch that Car Battery in Summer Months

Most of assume our car battery will conk out during the cold, wintery months. Not so. Rather, during erratic summer weather in the northern hemisphere, we all need to keep a watchful eye on the condition of our vehicles’ batteries.

CTEK, battery charging specialists warn that when summer turns extreme, most of the attention is turned on the physical discomforts of heat being trapped inside parked cars or other unfortunate aspects of hot temperatures, such as overheating due to low coolant levels or faulty fans, and the potential of battery failure often goes unnoticed. Blazing summer days can have devastating effects on a car’s battery, including dramatically shortening battery life by evaporating battery fluid. In turn, this can seriously damage the internal structure of the battery.

In addition, high temperatures might cause voltage regulators in standard chargers to malfuntion, which can lead to batteries being charged at overly high voltages. The battery fluid can then boil and vaporize, which dries out the cells and creates a higher level of acid concentration within the device. This results in excessive corrosion of internal surfaces and eventual battery failure.

CTEK advises to take a few simple steps to avoid battery failure on a sizzling summer day: Check your battery regularly and use a smart battery charger. Conventional charging systems can and do malfunction or operate poorly in warm conditions which cause batteries to be charged at inappropriate voltages. Smart chargers ensure a battery will be charged at the correct rate-no over or undercharging.

If your car’s battery is one that needs to be topped off, check it more often during the summer months and refill it with distilled water. Keep the top of the battery and terminals clean, avoid corrosion. And always use a charger that is approved for outdoor use, if charging outside.

For more information about smart chargers and battery protection, go to

Corvettes go Racing at America’s National Park of Speed

All Corvette fans, racing and performance enthusiasts, collectors and hobbyists were all invited over the August 19th  weekend to Road America in Elkhart Lake, WI for the Corvette World Tribute. Celebrating this second annual Corvette event, Road America also commemorates its 50th anniversary of their Corvette Corral.

Corvette and Road America go back a long way. In the early days of the marquee, Chevrolet executives would stage sneak previews of future models and develop high-performance packages for production models. The track has also been a battleground for decades of Corvette road racers, from the original solid-axles to the C6.Rs of today’s American Le Mans Series.

It is hard to imagine America’s Corvette legacy continuing for some 60 years without Road America. The Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin track has been the performance parts testing ground and the testing site of corporate-proposed future models for a very long time.

A variety of special events occurred at the second annual Corvette World Tribute on Sunday and included Corvette race group, HPDE Lapping, Autocross (NCCC event), Concours Sessions (2), Rally (NCCC event), Touring Sessions (2), Champagne Slalom exercise (free) and Karting challenge.

A colleague and I arrived at Road America about 1 pm and were able to take in the HPDE lapping events. There were several Corvettes participating, all colors and years. We parked this writer’s 2003 Millennium Yellow Corvette in the Corvette Corral and watched as the Vettes hurled themselves around the track. It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for setting up our seats and in relaxed fashion, enjoyed the beauty of these cars making their way through Road America’s 4.08 mile track.

This historic union that the Corvette marquee and Road America have created is of interest to all race fans. All ages attend, and whether one owns a Vette or not, they enjoy just being at the track. For instance, parked behind the bleachers at the Corvette Corral were a couple of gals, in an old Buick. Both were partaking in lunch, just staring ahead at the track. After a while, the passenger nodded off (see picture), lulled perhaps, by the sound of the engines and tires on the track.

My colleague overheard two racers comparing speeds on the track: One hit 160 mph, the other 140!  As a spectator, it was hard to guess what the speeds of the Corvettes were from the sidelines. Over 100 mph was a good guess.The Corvette World Tribute offers many activities for all who attend, complete with People’s Choice awards. Various Corvette Car Clubs were on hand, as were vendors selling their wares. The National Council of Corvette Clubs (NCCC) and the Kettle Moraine Corvette Club helped Road America to organize the event.

Needless to say, the second annual Corvette World Tribute was a celebration of America’s favorite sports car, as well as the kind of collaboration that has and continues to make high performance in America possible.

Go to for more information on the 2013 Tribute. You won’t want to miss it.


Scosche CellControl

Powered by Cell Control, a Bluetooth device can be installed in your vehicle to stop you from making unsafe cell calls! “What next,” you are probably asking yourself. This nifty little gadget will disable the use of  text, email, phone, apps and more. This safe driving system features wireless Bluetooth technology and Cellcontrol software which automatically disables the use of text, phone, email and any other distracting applications while you are driving.

Parts include a trigger and user guide to put it in place. The supporting operating systems that work with the Scosche device is Android version 2.1 and above, BlackBerry version 4,5 and above,  Windows Mobile 5,6, Symbian S60, 3rd edition and SelectBrew and Brew MP. Unfortunately, the device is not compatible with Apple IOS/phone or Windows Phone 7.

The device works on 1996 and newer vehicles and plugs into your vehicle’s On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) port. The Trigger unit then reads the data from this port and sends a Bluetooth signal to your phone when the vehicle is moving. Before installing the Trigger, you must install the Scosche cellcontrol app by downloading and installing it on your phone. After the application is installed, Cellcontrol runs in the background and does not have a screen presence (unless it is blocking calls while driving).  Account activation veries somewhat with Android and BlackBerry.

Scosche offers tech support (1-800-621-3695, ext. 3) if  you encounter any problems. For more information, or how to order the Cellcontrol trigger unit, call 1-80-621-3695, ext. 3, or go to