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Biggest Recall in History: Airbags

Washington,D.C.-Jack Gillis, CFA’s Automotive Expert and author of The Car Book (published with the center for Auto Safety), has some wise suggestions for consumers regarding this recent recall for the Takata automotive airbags.

Always available for comment, Gillis reports “There is good news and bad news with the announcement of the Takata air bag recall: the good news, millions more Americans are covered for a fix to this serious problem, the bad news, it could take years to get safe parts manufactured and replaced in affected vehicles.”

What Consumers Need to Do:

1. Obtain your vehicle’s identification number (VIN) by looking in at your dash from the outside of the driver’s side or on the outer edge of the driver’s door. (It is also available on your registration card.)
2. Go to and type in your VIN.
3. If your vehicle is part of the recall, contact ANY dealer of your vehicle immediately to schedule a replacement appointment—there is no charge for this fix.
4. Ask your dealer (or the manufacturer of your vehicle) for a ‘loaner vehicle’ while parts are being manufactured.

Important Note: If your vehicle is NOT currently listed as being involved in this recall, it is important to check back on a regular basis to see if it gets added.

The sooner you contact a dealer, says Gillis, the sooner you’ll get on the list for repairs. “Traditional recall response rates are around 70 percent,” says Gillis, “so in the end, if consumers don’t respond to this recall, there could potentially be over 10 million vehicles with this dangerous defect on the road.”

“While the root cause of this problem is not fully understood, humid regions with high moisture in the air can exacerbate the problem. Consumers in those areas have likely already received a recall notice and should respond immediately,” added Gillis.

CFA is an association of more than 250 nonprofit consumer groups that was founded in 1968 to advance the consumer interest through research, advocacy and education.

New York Auto Show Awards

Car of the Year awards went out at this year’s New York Auto Show by 75 automotive journalists. Out of 24 finalists, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan won “Car of the Year” honors, and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class coupe won “World” title in the luxury class. AMG took home the Performance Car class award.

BMW’s 18 electric vehicle won the “Green Car” title, while the Citroen C4 Cactus won the Design class.

Kelly Blue Book’s 2015 online tracking study of brand perception by some 1200 in-market new vehicle shoppers, awarded the Subaru: Most Trusted Brand; Honda: Best Overall Brand and Most-Trusted, and Ford F-150 won its sixth award in seven years.

Racer Tommy Kendall Receives Award

Tommy Kendall, Motorsports race-car driver recently received the Shav Glick award for his significant contributions to motorsports. Awarded annually in California by Justice Brothers, the award is named for LA Times Sportswriter Shav Glick and has been presented since 2000.wpe7a23fed_05_06

Brenda Priddy’s Earthbound Expeditions: Classic Cars of Cuba

Her next stop is Cuba!!

Brenda Priddy, editor of will be leading a car tour to Cuba (Car Guys Tour for automotive enthusiasts and history buffs), beginning October 10-18, 2015. Her people-to-people tours, licensed by the Feds, explore a particular location’s architecture, history, art, etc. The trip begins and ends in Miami.

If you are interested in exploring Brenda’s fascinating Cuba trip, email her at or call 480-861-3456.