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The Latest Report on Vehicle Recalls

Washington D.C.–According to Jack Gillis’ latest report, there are 70 million vehicles on the road with open recalls. I know I’ve heard many people say they don’t bother to take their vehicle to the dealer when receiving a notice. Of course, it is voluntary, but if it’s at no expense to the owner, why wouldn’t you?

In the last 10 years, Gillis reports, over 280 million vehicles have been recalled – more than the 270 million vehicles currently on the road. With recall completion rates in the 70-75% level[i] that leaves over 70 million vehicles on the road with open recalls.

With 70 million vehicles driving around with open recalls it poses a large highway safety danger. “While these open recalls present a clear hazard to the occupants of these vehicles, they are also a hazard to the rest of the driving public,” said Jack Gillis, CFA’s Executive Director and author of The Car Book.

Of course, this high number of open recalls means that a significant number of owners are “turning-in” used cars with an open recall or those vehicles may be recalled by the manufacturer while waiting to be resold. And the sale of used vehicles keeps going up, as the cost of new cars increases. In addition, warns Gillis, “Some car dealerships are violating state laws that prohibit them from selling unsafe vehicles, particularly when they are subject to a safety recall.”

The result: a significant number of used vehicles are likely to be sold with open recalls. While the subsequent owner can have any recall addressed at no charge for 15 years from when the recall was issued, they may not know about the recalls or fail to check their particular vehicle. They may also experience lengthy delays in being able to obtain repairs, due to severe shortages of repair parts, or the manufacturer’s failure to provide a remedy.

One of the government’s most important auto safety functions, notes Gillis, the automobile recall program can be fully effective only if recall completion rates are dramatically increased. “It’s simply not enough to announce a recall, the car companies, car dealers, and government must do everything possible to remedy those recalls,” said Gillis. “Under federal law, car dealers can’t sell new cars with open recalls, and under state laws, car dealers are not allowed to sell recalled used cars either. But those laws are not being adequately enforced. With today’s communication technology, social media, and information databases, there is no excuse not to significantly increase compliance with safety recalls,” added Gillis. The entire auto industry, all levels of government, and individual consumers each have an important role to play in ensuring that safety recalls are performed, maintains Gills. The huge rental car industry must acknowledge and respect the importance of recalls, so too should the rest of the automotive use and retail industry.

The actions needed to Protect the American Public from Defective Recalled Vehicles include:

1. State attorneys general should enforce existing state laws that prohibit car dealers from knowingly, negligently, or deceptively selling unrepaired recalled used cars.
2. In addition, Congress and the President should enact federal legislation, enforceable by NHTSA, to prohibit car dealers from selling recalled used cars.
3. Require fleet operators to remedy open recalls upon notice and prior to returning vehicles to service.
4. Recalled taxis and ride service vehicles must be remedied upon notice and prior to returning vehicles to service.
5. Auto auction companies must remedy recalls during their refurbishing process and prior to the transfer of the vehicle.
6. Require car companies to send out notices (by e- and postal mail) every two months until the recall is resolved or vehicle has been removed from service.
7. Require DMVs and state inspection programs to include VIN-specific recall notices on registration renewals and inspections to alert the owners that their vehicles have unrepaired recalls.
8. The government (NHTSA) must initiate an effective public education campaign to get vehicle owners to sign up for recall notifications.
9. New and used car dealers must register owners for recall notices on as part of the selling paperwork. Insurance companies should provide a recall report before providing insurance.
10. Manufacturers must provide loaner cars for owners of recalled vehicles when there are significant delays in obtaining recall repair parts.

Chief Executive Leadership Institute Honors Mary T. Barra with Legend in Leadership Award

Mary T. Barra, chairman and chief executive of General Motors Company, accepted the Yale Chief Executive Leadership Institute’s Legend in Leadership Award on September 24 at a ceremony at the Yale CEO Caucus in Washington, D.C.

The award was to chairman Barra, among other leaders on Monday presented to Barra by Caucus organizer Jeffrey Sonnenfeld, senior associate dean for leadership studies at the Yale School of Management. He commented, “Mary Barra has GM in her DNA. She worked in GM for 33 years—starting as an 18-year-old co-op student working on the factory floor—before being named CEO in 2013. Her father worked for GM for almost 40 years as a tool-and-die maker, and Mary went to college at what was then called the General Motors Institute. She held a series of manufacturing, engineering, and senior staff positions, including plant manager, global HR, and global manufacturing engineer. In the aftermath of GM’s 2009 bankruptcy, she led the revitalization of GM’s product development process, resulting in the launch of celebrated new products, the delivery of record product quality ratings, and a dramatic improvement in customer satisfaction.

“Barra led the company through a product-safety crisis she inherited on her first month on the job in January 2014, when an ignition-switch defect led to many deaths in earlier years,” Sonnenfeld continued. “Through toughness, transparency, competence, and putting her A-team talent on this challenge as a top priority, she restored and enhanced public trust. She cut unprofitable businesses to invest in the firm’s future. On the frontiers of autonomous driving, she has sparked profound strategic, technological, and cultural change. Last year in October, she announced a bold new vision targeting: zero accidents, zero emissions, and zero congestion. With strong financial performance, it is no wonder that both Fortune and Forbes have ranked her at the top of the most influential women leaders in the world.”


Need Mustard with your hot dog? Try the wienermobile

Susan Frissell
Publisher, WWW

There can’t possibly be anyone who doesn’t like a hot dog now and then. And for those who really, really like hotdogs, here is a trivia quiz to test your knowledge about one of American’s favorite foods.

As you’ll soon learn from the following trivia answers, hot dogs are well-loved. It’s estimated Americans consume 20 billion hot dogs a year. That’s enough wieners to reach to the moon and back four times. Even Babe Ruth, the great ball player, ate 12 hot dogs between games, of a scheduled double-header, chased by eight bottles of pop.

See what you know about one of America’s favorite foods:

1) On what national television shows has the Wienermobile appeared:
2) In how many movies has the Wienermobile co-starred?
3) What did New York Polo Grounds hawkers call ‘hot dogs’?
4) Who wrote the wiener jingle for Oscar Mayer?
5) What city’s citizens prefer their hot dogs topped with sauerkraut and swiss cheese?
6) Where and when did the first Wiernermobile cruise the streets?
7) How much did Wiener Whistles cost at the 1965 New York World’s Fair?
8) What was the chef’s name who handed out Wiener Whistles to children from his Wienermobile?
9) Who took a Wienermobile for a test lap at the 1988 Indy 500?
10) Where and when were hot dogs first served in buns?
11) Which symphony orchestra recorded the familiar ditty: “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener?”
12) Where was the first hot dog created?
13) Which three presidents served hot dogs at an official White House function?
14) How many hot dogs will Americans eat in major league ball parks during a season?
15) How many hot dogs will Americans eat between Memorial Day and Labor Day?
16) What were some of the vanity plates used on the Wienermobile?
17) What are the Wienermobile drivers called?

A big part of promoting the hot dog is the traveling Wienermobile. By logging on to Kraft Foods web site, you can find out just where the Wienermobile can be seen. Each year the Wienermobile travels about 1,000 miles per week, or about 50,000 miles per year. If you’re lucky enough to spy it cruising the neighborhood, be sure and get on board.

In 2004, the updated Wienermobile included voice-activated GPS navigation audio center with wireless microphone, a horn that plays the wiener jingle in 21 different genres from Cajun to Rap to Bossa Nova! Of course, it includes better gas mileage! Over the years, the Wienermobile’s chassis was a Dodge, and during the 1950s, a Willys Jeep chassis.

1) The old Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Late Night with David Letterman, CNN Headline News, The Late Late Show with Tom Snyder and “Love Connection.”
2) Two “Ladybugs” starring Rodney Dangerfield, and “Another You,” starring Richard Pryer and Gene Wilder.
3) Dachshund sausages, renowned sports cartoonist Tad Dorgan couldn’t spell dachshund so he wrote ‘hot dog.’ The name stuck.
4) Richard Trentlage in 1953.
5) Kansas City.
6) Chicago, 1936.
7) Two cents, and they were sold in vending machines.
8) Little Oscar.
9) Al Unser, Jr., topped off at a speed of 110 mph.
10) 1904 St. Louis Exposition-the concessionaire had been giving customers white gloves to protect their hands from the steaming wieners, but they kept disappearing.
11) The Berlin Symphony Orchestra-as well as a teenage rock band, a string ensemble and a Nashville country western group.
12 )Frankfurt, Germany, hence the name “frankfurter.”
13) Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939. Jimmy Carter in 1977 and Ronald Reagan in 1980.
14) Hotdog and sausage consumption at major league ball parks in the U.S. in 2016 was 19.4 million; the most at San Francisco Giants park (475,000), followed by St. Louis Cardinals (400,000), Boston Red Sox (377,00).
15) More than 7 billion-enough to circle the globe 15 times. And, 2 billion in July, National Hot Dog Month.
16) Yummy, Our dog, big bun, lil link, oh I wish, weenr, wnrmble, bologna, relshme, oscrmyr.
17) “Hotdoggers.” And they hand out toy wiener whistles!