Forecast company ALG released its annual list of best resale vehicles. In its 15th year, ALG highlights the 2015 vehicles across 26 segments expected to retain the highest percentage of their retail price after three years.

*Mainstream Brand:               Toyota

*Full-size:                                  Toyota Tundra

*Premium Brand:                    Land Rover

*Midsize Commercial Van:    Ford Transit Connect

*Subcompact Car:                    Honda Fit

Full-size Commercial Van:     Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

*Compact Car:                          Mazda3

*Premium compact car:          Mini Hardtop

*Midsize Car                              Subaru Legacy

*Premium Midsize car:            Lexus IS

*Full-size car:                             Dodge Charger

*Premium Full-size car:           Hyundai Genesis

*Sports Car:                                 Subaru WRX

*Premium Executive car:         Porsche Panamera

*Alternative Fuel Vehicle:        Toyota Prius V

*Premium Sports car:               Audi TT

Minivan:                                      Honda Odyssey

*Premium compact Ute:          Porsche Macan

*Subcompact Ute                      Mini Countryman

*Premium Midsize Ute-2 row:  Land Rover Range Rover Sport

*Compact Ute:                           Honda CR-V

*Premium Midsize Ute-3 row:     Lexus GX

*Midsize Ute-2 row:                 Subaru Outback

*Premium Full-size Ute:        Toyota Land Cruiser

*Midsize Ute-3 row:                Toyota Highlander

*Full-size Ute:                          Chevrolet Tahoe

*Off-road Ute:                          Toyota 4Runner

*Midsize Pickup:                     Toyota Tacoma

(2014, Jennifer Geiger)