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Chicago. April 15, 2015. Toyota ‘s Scion division hosted the traveling Motivatour event last night at the creatively-designed Moonlight Studios in the city. Everyone who is anyone in the Chicago entrepreneurial marketplace was there at the gathering.

Scion Group Vice President Doug Murtha hosted several featured speakers, including Jake Nickell, co-founder and CEO of; Eric Kass, Funnel, Joe Lucchese, Pro-Ject, Floyd Davis IV, Artpentry Gallery and Melody Biringer, CRAVEcompany, among others.

Traveling around the country, Scion is connecting with and motivating millennial entrepreneurs, building relationships with business startups in the business, technology, and fashion industry. As press Women with Wheels was there to witness the creativity that is out there among the millennials.

Refreshing and awe-inspiring, these thirty-something’s are committed to their vision of what success and career looks like for them. Different than other generations, the millenials are, according to Murtha, “forging their own path.” And, having lots of fun doing it!

Nickell of Threadless addressed how to ‘make it happen’ with an idea you want to promote. He shared photos of his ‘crew,’ and a video of the fun that can be a part of the everyday work world.

These ‘all-stars’ seem to have what it takes, including the courage to move forward with their passion, and making it a reality. “Feel the fear and do it anyway,” seemed to be a theme among speakers. Don’t wait until you’re not scared-you’ll never accomplish anything. Rather, move forward in spite of your fears and uncertainty.D_aboutheaderimage

Scion, the test laboratory division of Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc. remains the division that offers products and processes that stand apart from the crowd. On display were the soon-to-be introduced iM 5-door hatchback and the available FR-S rear-wheel-drive sports car, both great looking vehicles for any age group. The all-new iA sedan will arrive this fall.

Scion hosted a “pitch-a-thon” aimed at local entrepreneurs; they were given a 20-minute ride in a Scion xB and given the opportunity to convince the car full of celebrity mentors that he/she had a viable business plan. If the mentors did not like what they heard, they asked to be dropped off. If the entrepreneur made it to the end of the ride, Scion will provide them with the tools needed to create their business idea.

Hosted by Baratunde Thurston, featured celebrities included Jake Nickell of Threadless, Charles Adler, co-founder of Kickstarter, Billy Dec of Rockit Ranch Productions.