GM first to offer Marketplace App

DETROIT December 2017 — General Motors is launching a new in-vehicle app named Marketplace that will allow drivers to pay for goods such as gasoline or coffee and schedule service through their infotainment systems.

Free technology-the industry’s first-is expected to expand quickly. Beginning with about 12 offerings, the App has such popular offerings as Dunkin’ Donuts, and TGI Fridays. In addition, dealership services (think oil changes), are onboard. Those big names who have signed up for Marketplace include the likes of Shell, Wingstop, ExxonMobil,, Parkopedia, Applebee’s, IHOP and Starbucks is expected to be added in early 2018.

With the intention of ‘improving how GM’s customers interact with the vehicle and the dealership network, Marketplace, states Santiago Chamorro, GM vice president of global connected customer experience, “will have “secure connections, and is not meant to be an in-vehicle digital billboard.” Marketplace, adds, Chamorro, is designed to work while people are driving.

A matter of discussion among car companies for years, in-vehicle marketplaces and app-based services will now be able to complete financial transactions. Currently, GM is remotely sending Marketplace wirelessly to all 2017 and 2018 model-year vehicles equipped with the automaker’s new MyLink infotainment system. According to GM, owners must agree to the update; a data plan is not required.

Being able to pick up Dunkin’ Donuts, for instance, will require the driver to open an account or profile with the franchise. Marketplace uses recent and favorite foods and settings from the profiles to customize the offerings for the driver.

“Shared mobility” is moving quickly and will present rapid change in the global auto industry. Connected, and self-driving vehicles are the future. Deals and membership rewards are currently available from gas stations, and dealership services (scheduling oil changes or other maintenance) will be coming as early as next year. Those drivers who choose can be alerted to the need for services, and to schedule them.

Also featured with Marketplace is a “Shop” section dedicated to offers specific to GM vehicles, such as purchasing Wi-Fi data, discounts for an oil change or deals on GM accessories. All in all, customer convenience will be largely increased. And, as GM hopes, so will client retention.

GM expects the number of Marketplace-capable vehicles in the Unites States to increase from about 1.9 million today to about 4 million by the end of next year.
(Article reported by Mike Wayland on Twitter)

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