RECALL: Toyota: Sept 5, Toyota recalled 192,000 examples of its popular hybrid hatchback in the U.S. The recall covers 2016-2018 model year Toyota Prius hybrids. A wiring harness that can fray and start a fire prompted the recall. At fault is the wiring that comprises the Prius’ hybrid-electric system, which, as reported, can rub against a cover at one contact point over time. If the rubber coating around the wires wears off, according to Toyota, there is a risk of a short circuit that could cause a fire to start. Toyota will begin to alert owners later this month by mail and let them know dealers will fix the problem at no cost.

The affected Prius models were built in Japan from June 2015 to May 2018. Globally, the recall also includes the Toyota C-HR, but American-market models of the automaker’s small crossover are not affected. Toyota recalled more than 1 million vehicles to fix a similar issue, but the Prius is the only model it sold in the U.S. with this problem.

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