Susan Frissell, Editor

We had the chance recently to try out a new offering from Roamwild, maker of all things automotive, as well as gardening tools. The Roamwild Car Crack Vac is a swell little all-in-one tool that comes in handy when trying to keep your ride clean. Small debris pickup, pet hair removal, and retrieval of those items that have fallen into hard-to-reach places are all part of what this handy dandy tool offers.

The first product of its kind, the Car Crack Vac is small and easily stored in your car or trunk. We tried it on the daily driver, and it worked magic. I’m one of those drivers who is forever dropping something between the seats: Bingo, I now have a ‘tool’ to retrieve said items.  Advertised as the “unique tool to help with all accidents that occur inside the car,” the Car Crack Vac easily removes pet hair. Both sides of the tool are covered in velour lint-catching fabric. This is a must-have for this writer as she totes four dogs with her.

Also part of the Crack Vac are the magnetic crack retrieval tool extending 360 degrees and rotating. You can hook, push and flick objects like keys, coins and phones from the tight spots. Then there is the debris brush for tight places: bristles do the job! Ideal for cleaning is the soft brush for dusting off vents, dashboard and other hard-to-reach areas. Great for detailing. The bright LED light is very useful for covering those ‘dark’ places where things hide.

And finally, all buyers will receive a 100 percent SATISFIED guarantee, or your money back! And, you can keep this handy tool in your center console, trunk, back seat side door pockets, cupholder or glove box!

I may have missed a few of the features the Car Crack Vac offers, but you’ll discover them. I love this little tool and plan to purchase a couple for Christmas gifts. Look it up online or find the Roamwild products on Amazon.