As reported in Reuters, driver mileage in the U.S. for the month of July 2020 has fallen to the lowest since 2012. (Dept of Transportation). The largest declines were on the East Coast where mileage in the North fell 15.4 percent and to 11.3 percent in the South. Driving on urban Interstate roads fell by 14.8 percent, the biggest decline ever recorded in the single road category. U.S. drivers drove 11 percent fewer miles in July than a year ago.

In July of this year, U.S. drivers covered 262.4 billion vehicle miles; 33.2 billion vehicle miles fewer than the same month a year earlier. As government lockdowns happened, keeping drivers at home, the drop increased.

Compared to year ago levels, U.S. mileage has been below since March when schools and businesses began to close due to COVID. The lowest levels were recorded in April when government restrictions were most widespread. U.S. drivers drove 11percent fewer miles

Closely watched by oil market participants, the U.S. driving data is important because gas and diesel consumption are key drivers of oil prices.