Maserati of North America announced their 21MY, Quattroporte Trofeo and MC20 newest editions this February. A manufacturer of over 100 years, Maserati is the first to feature a race engine in a daily driver in the MC20. The ultimate in luxury is helping the manufacturer restore its identity with a new tag line: “Dream Audacious.”

In the 2021 Trofeo (Italian for trophy) lineup the green, red and white colors look great. Equipped with a 3.8L Twin Turbo V8, the Trofeo has a unique design, wheels and Trofeo badgingOnly on Trofeo is the ‘performance drive mode, launch control. Clocked for 203 mph in 4.2 seconds, this new design is an eye catcher. Embossed headrests, black side skirts, among other attributes. It is 12-inches longer than the Ghibli.

The MC20 offers speed and beauty all in one luxury automobile. It is simple, yet attractive. The cockpit smashing, but very sporty. The instrument cluster is ‘simplistic’ for such an extraordinary care. Maserati choose the interior cluster’s design to resemble time pieces as so many who buy/drive a Maserati are into watches of class and beauty. The materials are of course, high quality, and Maserati is offering two different interiors for 2021, both desirable upgrades. New front grille and tail lights for 2021 set this vehicle apart. This new MC20 is moving the company into a new era, with mid-engine architecture, 207 hp., 3.0L V6, 621 horse. Go racing at 0-60 in 2.9 seconds. This sculptured upper body and engineered lower body are gorgeous. Carbon fiber wheels and 20-inch alloys. Brakes are carbon ceramic, 3-wheel design, six-way racing seats and drive mode selector.

The Levante is clocked for 187 mph at 3.8 seconds

The Ghibli, a beauty, is beautiful in red with its 21-inch blacked out wheels! It features the best leather available, as well as the best acceleration from a standstill. These beauties offer the fastest in the lineup so far.

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