Ford Motor Company June 8, 2021: Introducing the all-new 2022 Ford Maverick Truck

If you’re listening to Ford, you’ll hear them announcing a “new kind of truck,” in the Maverick. Aimed at those buyers who never knew they needed a truck, the Maverick, a compact pickup will be fuel-efficient, technologically clever and complete with several exciting features.

Challenging the status quo, the all-new Ford Maverick is the first standard full-hybrid truck in the U.S. With an EPA-estimated rating of 40 mpg in the city, it is compact, but also roomy with plenty of space for five adults and all their storage.

Equipped with smart technology, the touch screen is a standard 8-inch and includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, standard FordPass Connect with embedded modern and Ford CoPilot360 technologies such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Automatic High Beam.

The Flexbed is unique providing the ability to transform the cargo box into a makerspace to fit any lifestyle.Payload capability is 1,500 pounds-or 37 bags of 40-pound mulch! Two-thousand pounds of towing to haul a boat, as well as the optional 2.0-liter EcoBoost gas engine (towing capacity 4,000 lbs.).

Starting at only $19,995 MSRP, the 2022 Ford Maverick truck will go on sale this fall.

Ford is also ramping up excitement with the help of actress Gabrielle Union. She will show off the Maverick on her Instagram and TikTok channels, and on Ford’s social media channels. The Maverick will be Ford’s first vehicle to debut on its new U.S. TikTok channel.

With ingenious design and storage solutions, Maverick also is customized inside and out. The new Maverick truck will be one-of-a-kind four-door truck that will undoubtedly create a ‘trend. The Maverick can do it all-tow, pull, provide great fuel economy-better than a Honda Civic, they say! Built as a compact truck with a unibody design, Maverick delivers 191 horsepower when combined with the electric motor and 155 lb.-ft. torque. The transmission is a CVT, FWD. The engine is designed and manufactured in-house, is a electric traction motor, and light and powerful. Targeted EPA fuel economy is a whopping 40 mpg city and 500 miles of range on a tank of gas.

Bragging that the new truck is “simple, but not basic,” the Maverick has thoughtfully included detail, upgraded materials and colors. Useful features are an important addition, as are storage places, door armrests to accommodate a one-liter water bottle to sit upright. Door pockets are huge and provide clearance for a tablet or notebook. A spacious storage bin is under the rear seats to hold gear.

There is all the above, and more. So much to tell. Watch for dates when the Maverick will be in Ford dealerships this fall. In the meantime, the build and price website is live at and reservations or orders can be placed today