Susan Frissell, Editor,

Those who aren’t necessarily “truck people” may be asking themselves just how comfortable the Toyota Tundra is. While the answer may differ among various drivers, but we can confirm that this 2002 Tundra Capstone, one of several models, is a noticeable improvement over the previous generation Tundra. Seats are comfortable, wide and vastly improved. Close your eyes and you just might think you’re behind the wheel of a luxury sedan. A stretch? Well, maybe a little. Noise levels are also improved. We motored this Tundra from Indianapolis to Chicago and found it very comfortable, and quiet during highway driving. Plenty of room for 4.

Leather seating in the new Tundra is very comfortable, adjustable for all body sizes and shapes. There is plenty of arm room and gadgets are very reachable. The engine is somewhat more quiet than past models, but it’s still a ‘truck.’

While dedicated truck owners may continue to give the Dodge Ram 1500 higher points (jitter-free ride), the new Tundra is a vast improvement. Controls are straight-forward, easy to use and understand. The touchscreen in the Tundra is 15-inch, taking up some dashboard space. This is not a difficult package of goodies to figure out, and makes this female driver seem almost a pro at maneuvering. This is a full-size truck that all drivers can operate and maneuver.

Our test Tundra Capstone came equipped with the optional panoramic sunroof, but we didn’t give it a try. The rear power window is full-width, and we imagine, would feel much like a convertible flow of air. Make no mistake, this is a big truck, tall and formidable. But that doesn’t mean it’s difficult to handle. As with most large vehicles, the Tundra hood is large, the windshield pillars large and sideview mirrors good size. The surround-view camera system is helpful when attempting to maneuver any tight spots.

Available in 3 trim levels: Tundra ($55,261), Tundra ($54,981), Tundra SRS ($47,998). Editions include 1`794 Edition 3.5L Crew Max 5.5 Bed ($57,690). Other models years include 2021, 2020, 2018 and 2019.

Competition for the Tundra includes GMC Sierra ($30,400-$58-500), Nissan Titan ($38,810-$60,780), 2002 Chevy Silverado 150 Ltd ($40,700-$69,800); Dodge Ram 150 pickup, Ram 1500 Classic and Ram Classic 7500 Pup.

Choice of tires on the Toyota Tundra include 245/75/18 all-season-265/60/20 all-season; 265-60/R20 all-Teraine-265/70/18 all-season; 365/70/R18 all teraine-265/70/R20; 265/50/22 all-season-285/65/18 Falken all-teraine. Quite a lineup.

As if any extras are necessary, our test Tundra Capstone Crewmax added some optional equipment which included 50 State Emissions AVS Load-leveling Rear Height Control Air Suspension, $1045; special color (Wind Chill Pearl), $425; Ball Mount, $65. Delivery $165; total vehicle price $76,760. 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone /crewmax, HV 4X4

Also included was the afore mentioned 14-inch touchscreen, standard. Graphics are easy to read, and screen menus easy to use (for this challenged techy). Our test Tundra came equipped with the fantastic JBL audio system, proving great sound, especially for highway cruising. Overkill, perhaps, for a truck owner/driver!! This is a real upgrade as the standard system provides enough that’s good and satisfactory.

As with other truck fuel economy, it can vary somewhat depending on the load. We managed around 16 mpg from Indy to Chicago, carrying some baggage and misc. Perhaps the Tundra wouldn’t make the cut for some truck owners-particularly those towing heavy loads on a regular basis. While not the ‘best’ truck, the Tundra offers good looks, comfort and a tight ride. It’s hard to miss with a Toyota product. The new Tundra is an appealing truck and will last for a long time.


MSRP: $35,950-$74,230
Engine: I-Force MAX 3.55L Twin-Turbo V6 Hybrid, DOHC 24V with Dual VVT-I and electric, motor/generator. 437 hp. /583 lb.ft.
Transmission: 10 sp. Auto Trans w/sequential shift Drive Mode Select with Tow/Haul Modes, 4WD Demand, part-time 4WD w/elec controlled Multi-Link Rear Suspension
Seats: 5
Doors: 4
MPG: 19/22
Weight: 5380,01 lbs
Length; 252.5 in.
Width: 80.2 in.
Height: 78,0 in.
Doors: 4
Color: Wild Chill Pear/black special color, $425
(Other options: AVS, Load-Levening Rear Air Suspension, includes Adaptive Variable Suspension on AVS and Load-Leveling Rear Height , Control Air Suspension. ($1045), Ball Mount, ($65)
Fuel Tank Cap: 22-32 gal.
Wheels: 22-inch Dark Chrome Alloy
Other model years: 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018
Competition: Nissan Titan, Chevrolet Silverado, RAM 1500 pickup, RAM 1500 Classic, RAM Classic 7500 P

Features: ABS · Air conditioning · Android Auto compatible · Apple CarPlay compatible · Apps control · Auto-dimming rear view mi