Hyundai Motors has announced big recalls, 1.6 cars for greater engine fire risks, and 1,642,.551 vehicles in the U.S., for electrical shorts that can lead to an engine fire. Owners have been urgently advised to park their vehicles outside and away from other structures. This is the 6th recall for an increased engine fire risk in the last 3 years; mostly different reasons. This recall shares some characteristics of KIA recall of 1.7 million cars.

Both recalls involve fires stemming from the electronic control unit and the sister companies are urging owners to not park their vehicles in the garage. In this instance, ABS modules can leak brake fluid onto the electronic circuit board, causing a short circuit that can lead to a fire in engine compartments.

The Hyundai vehicle years include 2019 models-2021 year. The Tucson is being recalled for ABS module problems that can corrode and trigger a short circuit and engine fire.

Hyundai will alert all owners by mail beginning November 21. Hyundai customer service number is 185.371.9460.