Ford Makes Big Recall of Escape SUVs

According to Paul Eisenstein of the Detroit Bureau, Ford Motor Co. is advising owners of an estimated 11,500 2013 Escapes not to drive their shiney all-new SUVs until they can be repaired by dealers due to potential fuel line leaks that could cause fires.

This is the second recall involving Ford’s 2013 Escape crossover utility vehicle.  Previous Escape versions are also under investigation due to concerns about potentially sticky accelerator assemblies. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration just announced the beginning of an investigation covering 730,000 Ford Escape and Mazda Tribute SUVs from the 2001 through 2004 model years.  Those Escapes experiencing sticky accelerators may be affected due to the result of repairs made after an earlier recall. No decision has yet been made on whether to order a recall of those vehicles.

Specifically targeted in this latest 2013 Escape recall  are those models equipped with Ford’s 1.6-liter engine.  Owners of other versions, although not involved in the recall, are asked not to drive their vehicles until repairs can be made.  Dealers will provide a complementary loaner vehicle, as well as handling the transporting of the effected vehicles to service bays for repairs.

Unlike most recalls where automakers may take up to a month to notify owners and begin repairs, Ford is taking immediate action, according to Ray Nevi, the assistant director of the automaker’s safety operations. “Our intensive investigation and testing has identified the area of concern, and we are moving as quickly as possible to repair vehicles for our customers. In the meantime, it is extremely important that affected customers not ignore this recall and immediately contact their dealer.”

There have not been any injuries  reported thus far, but it is not known how many fires may have occurred as a result of the potential fuel line leak. However, Ford is urging owners to act quickly and not wait for the normal notification process.  Owners of the 11,500 2013 Escapes covered by the recall should contact Ford’s customer relations center at 1-866-436-7332 – or go online to for information on how to proceed.

Although the auto industry has seen an increase in the number of recalls in recent months, this week’s headlines could prove a setback as Ford seeks to convince motorists that it has resolved recent quality issues that have left it lagging behind the industry average in such well-tracked studies as the 2012 J.D. Power Initial Quality Survey.


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