Toyota has chosen to recall 2.5-million vehicles in the U.S. following a probe by NHTSA into a problem with a faulty power window. Nearly 7.5-million vehicles may be affected globally. The driver’s side power window on affected vehicles may experience a sticky feel during operation. Depending on what grease has been applied to the switch to reduce the stickiness and how it was applied may affect the switch which could melt, smoke or start a fire. The faulty power switch is linked to several hundred reports of fires and smoke and at least nine injuries.

The effected vehicles include: 2008 Highlander Hybrid, 2009 Corolla and Matrix, 2007-08 Yaris, 2007-09 Camry, 2007-09 RAV4, 2007-09 Camry Hybrid, 2007-09 Tundra, 2008-09 Scion xD, 2008-09 Scion xA, 2008-09 Sequoia, 2008 Highlander. Letters will be sent to owners in October and repairs will take approximately 1 hour to make.