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Sebastopol, CA Fetherston Publishing has published a limited edition “treasure box” that will rev the engine of any die-hard classic automobile fan. When it comes to the history of automobiles, Fetherston Publishing has captured the history, spirit and beauty of Woodys. In fact, their celebrated 400-page book has already achieved a string of five-star reviews from some of the automobile world’s most respected critics.

Wanting to offer something even more special to the woody fan, Featherston is today announcing a limited run of their exclusive Treasure Box of Classic Woodys swag.

At the heart of the package is a 400-page book, including 19 chapters, capturing not only the history of OEM station wagons, sedans, and convertibles, but also numerous one-offs, special builds, hot rods and even a chapter on the fake (aka wallpaper) Woodys of the fifties, sixties and seventies.

Opening out to 24×12 inches, readers can enjoy learning about the history of woody wagons built by Buick, Chevrolet, Chrysler Town and Country, Chrysler, Dodge and DeSoto, Ford, Mercury, Packard, Plymouth, Studebaker, International, Hot Rod Woodys and Surf Decals. Minor American makes, including American Bantam, Keller, Willys, Hudson, Nash and even Reo are also covered. There’s a chapter on types of trees used to build Woodys, and also on the decals of the world of surfing.

Fetherston’s Treasure Box of Classic Woodys is delivered in a custom maple and mahogany box, which resembles a woody tailgate. The presentation includes the book, a Dime Store toy woody wagon, a wood sample set, vintage and contemporary surf decals, classic woody postcards, and two genuine postage stamps for inclusion in the frontispiece.

David Fetherston call this book ‘The Last Great Woody Book’! As Fetherston notes, printed books are disappearing, and to produce such a book, complete with woody history and nearly 800 images, is unheard of with this type of publication.”

This intriguing and highly valued boxed set offers something extra special for the Woody fan this Christmas. It is priced at $459 (including free domestic shipping). The print run was only 500, so with this short supply in mind, Fetherston urges woody enthusiasts to act fast to avoid disappointment.

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