Announced today by Ford Motor Company, Lincoln, in an attempt to revive the reputation and sales of the once great luxury brand that is now far behind its competitors, is “reinventing” themselves.

According to Jim Farley, Ford’s head of global sales and marketing, and the head of the Lincoln relaunch, the “reinvention” includes the debut of four new cars in the next four years, starting with the 2013 MKZ and MKZ Hybrid. Spoken at today’s press event at Lincoln Center Plaza in New York, Farley said Lincoln will get the word out, first by featuring its first-ever Super Bowl spot. Lincoln will get the word out, noted Farley, via social media, using Tweets curated by Jimmy Fallon.

For the press event, Lincoln brought Emmit Smith, who said that just as football fans supported him as he became the NFL’s all-time rushing leader, fans will support Lincoln’s new push by “writing” the commercial. A second TVad featuring the image of Abraham Lincoln and famous Lincoln owners, including FDR and Dean Martin, will begin airing tonight, according to Adweek.

In September, Ford put on a similar New York event to launch the 2013 Fusion. On hand for the announcement was Ryan Seacrest; at Times Square and 47th Street, no less.

So far, the Fusion has met Ford’s high expectations for the midsize sedan market, and recently was named Green Car Journal’s Green Car of the Year.

Unfortunately, a dismal eighth in the American luxury segment, Lincoln hopes the new MKZ will be positively reviewed. Like the Fusion, it will come in a hybrid version, good for 45 mpg . Initial photos would indicate the MKZ looks like a winner, if the brand can just get potential buyers in the door.

At the top of the MKZ luxury market are several big competitors, namely, BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, and Lexus, as well as Cadillac, which GM has just put through its own revival, including the launch of the new XTS and ATS sedans.

According to Farley’s announcement, in order to compete, Lincoln will focus on stellar customer service .  Perks for new customers will include “Lincoln Date Night,” with a dinner and weekend trip, and “Lincoln Host,” an online “concierge” service available to owners and lessees.

The MKZ and MKZ Hybrid are expected to arrive in dealerships later this month. Lincoln is now called the Lincoln Motor Company, the name it had when it was acquired by Ford in 1922.

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