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James Flammang
Autowriter Jim Flammang covers all that's new in the world of automobiles, travel, and now WORK. Check out this impressive and interesting site.
A full-service auto site, with facts, test reviews, industry news.
The original web site holds all the archived material written over the years,including test drives, articles, autosmarts, etc.
Memorize stats, driver profiles or buy lifesize cutouts of drivers. This site is great for Indy fans.

Miata owners site
As one of many sites dedicated to the ever-faithful Miata driver/fan, this site features an enthusiasts gabfest. You'll spend more time here than you planned, especially if you're a die-hard Miata fan, and many of us are! Is there a greater sportscar??
The site for used-car info; where to find it and price it. Owners share their thoughts about what they drive, have bought....
A great site for the automotive media, with up-to-date industry news, comment and opinion.
A new site promoting the just launched Digital Automotive Press Association (DAPA). For those professionals who provide digital automotive information content, this new organization will work alongside regional press associations to bring together digital content providers and industry reps.

for all that's automotive and female-related, don't miss	

Linda Nelson
A colleague who knows her stuff, Linda will walk you through what is the latest and best in automotive interiors, and traveling by car.

Matthew Keegan
This is a great site, edited and published by an even greater car guy...check it out, and learn lots. With humor!

Adventure Riders
A hangout for adventure riders; those who enjoy running up steep mountains or through rapids. This is the site for you!

Motorcycle Glam
This is the site for Glo Glovs, armbands, stickers and vests.

Where Harley fans gather
Like other brand sites, this is where the Harley-Davidson fans gather.