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Testimonial by Marge S

I really appreciated Susan’s guidance when thinking about making a new car purchase. To navigate this maze was a nightmare, but she made it look so easy. Accompanying me to the dealership made it all the more possible. I highly recommend a no-nonsense “partner” when trying to make such a huge purchase as a new set of wheels. Marge S

Testimonial by Arlene T.

“Women with Wheels” I love the name. How fun. I am enjoying your website and find it very helpful. I know we can pretty much find what we need on line, but having a site that caters to us is great. Arlene T.

Testimonial by Noreen K

Dr. Susan We so enjoyed your class and were amazed how varied the ages and backgrounds were of the participants. This is a great “service,” and every woman should take advantage of it. Please keep me informed about when the next class is! Thanks again. Noreene K Enjoyed the class