Like many out there, we were sad to learn, that yet again, Volkswagen claims they will be discontinuing the infamous Beetle. After a long-and storied history dating back eight decades, says VW, they are finally going to discontinue the Bug. Speaking from the Geneva motor show last this week, Frank Welsch, head of VW’s research and design, told the audience that the production version of the company’s ID Buzz electric concept (Microbus) will “wave the retro flag.” A production version of the ID Buzz will be salted for the 2022 model year.

According to Welsch, VW says two or three generations of the Bug have been enough. The car was “made with history in mind but you cannot do it five times and have a new, new Beetle,” said Welsch.

In 1979, VW stopped selling the Beetle in the U.S. after it failed to comply with safety and emission standards. It was, though, still built for global markets for another 25 years. VW rode the retro-inspired wave in 1998 with a modern interpretation it named the “New Beetle.” A third-generation arrived in 2012, with a little change in look-sportier, but sales did not meet VW’s expectations.

It will be sad not to see the Bug on the streets. But we imagine many will grab one up, or keep the one they have, for generations to come.